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Life needs to be captured

I’m a mum of two beautiful girls, married to my amazing husband who keeps life sane. Living in my home town of Tauranga, enjoying the stunning locations in the wider Bay of Plenty region. Juggling Mum life, work and home is no easy feat, but I love doing what I do, and try and give every aspect of life my all.  I’m honest (probably too much!), caring and have a great eye of detail.

Jackie O'Brien

Weddings drew me in as being a wedding photographer, I could really capture all the details, love and time spent planning such a special day.  There is such a buzz around a wedding day that you can’t help to get excited, get involved and fall in love with the couple that is enjoying the day that is just for them!

And Family portraits…..Parenting is hard but the rewards are so amazing – every photo I have of my children remind me why this journey is so amazing, so always feel comfortable in my presence if your kids decide to turn crazy – its life, it’s fun and it needs to be captured!


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